AyuRewards - Loyalty Program

  • Can I become a member if I live outside of the US?

    Yes, AyuRewards is a global program. You can sign up even if you're not based in USA.
  • Can I cancel my AyuRewards membership for free at any time?

    Yes, if you want to cancel your account, just email us at care@theayurvedaexperience.com. Please note that if you cancel your membership, your purchases won't be rewarded with points which you can redeem for discounts.
  • Can I share my AyuRewards membership?

    No, an AyuRewards membership is personal and can't be shared. You can invite a friend to sign up for AyuRewards for free - you'll both get a 20% discount.
  • Can I use my rewards points with another coupon code?

    Unfortunately, coupon codes can currently not be combined. Only one coupon code can be used for one order.
  • How do I earn points?

    Join AyuRewards for free: sign up and we'll instantly give you a $5 discount on your next purchase! Buy Ayurvedic goodies: earn points for every purchase you make on our store. Get busy on social media: like us and/or share our posts on Facebook to earn points. Refer a friend: earn a 20% discount...
  • How do I refer a friend to get a reward discount?

    To refer a friend through our AyuRewards Loyalty Program, first log in to your account here: https://theayurvedaexperience.com/account Then, go back to the Menu and you'll see a menu item names "AyuRewards Points". Clicking on this will open your AyuRewards dashboard, from where you can use your...
  • How do I use my rewards points?

    When you've earned enough points to redeem, you'll automatically receive an email where you can convert your points into a discount coupon. If you want to save your points for a bigger discount coupon, don't redeem your points when you receive the first email. Wait until you receive an email wit...
  • What are the benefits of joining?

    With a free AyuRewards account, you’ll automatically start earning points that you can use as discounts. For example, if you’ve earned 100 points, you’ll get a $5 discount. As an AyuRewards member, you’ll also get to know about our new products first, before anyone else. You’ll get early bird of...
  • What products are eligible for discounts?

    The discounts you earn by redeeming your points are valid on all products on our shop. Unfortunately, you can't combine two different coupon codes. Only one discount can be applied at the same time.